Navid Rashid- Iris Divine album #3 and Solo EP guitar solo montage

Hey, everyone! Navid here…as promised, here is a sample of more content to come.

I always enjoyed rhythm guitar more than playing solos, and am quite happy just riffing out most of the time. That said, between my forthcoming solo EP and Iris Divine’s third album, I’ve been digging deeper into the lead guitar side of writing and want to share this montage to give insight into my style. 

I have a fairly traditional lead guitar vocabulary and not much in the way of shred or advanced technique (as some of my good friends do). Perhaps a silver lining of technical limitations is that it forces one to experiment with other tools to create musical interest. 

These four solo sections are an example of how I write and develop a lead break, with a few improvised passages, some deliberately composed parts, occasional faster runs, and a lot of attention paid to phrasing, vibrato, and interesting note choices along the way.

I hope you enjoy! Stay tuned. I will do a more in-depth breakdown of some riffs or solos for anyone interested in my thought process.

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